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My SEWING & EMBROIDERY Gift Ideas (edition 2021)

Want to please a sewer? Or do you just want to pamper yourself? Find, in this article, my ed. 2021 gift ideas for the holidays, Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s day or any other celebration to offer to a sewist!

You really enjoyed my last article of Sewing Tutorial – Butterfly Makeup Remover Pads, thank you for your kind comments on social networks and your support. This is why I wanted to prepare a new post always related to sewing and which, as the end of the year holidays approach, could inspire you.


How to give the perfect gift to a sewer? My advice would be to take a look in her/his studio which will already give you an overview of her/his style and what she/he might miss or please!

In this article I offer you my practical and/or original gift inspirations to make a sewer happy whether for a beginner, experienced or simply passionate. 

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Here we go to discover my selection of gift ideas to offer to a sewer :

The sewing book

The serger’s technique bible

The Encyclopedia of sewing book

Sewing happiness

A great audiobook about sewing with a captivating story ♥

For beginner and advanced embroiderer

A smart & design accessory

Lovely custom sewing tags

To perfectly wrap your gift

My favorite colored embroidery fabrics

Gimme floral!

Boho style fabrics ♥

Perfect good quality fabrics for summers

For quilting makers

A premium thread rack for all sewing makers

Queen of sewing gift

A perfect journal for all sewing projects

My favorite sewing machine brand

To help taking care of the sewing machine with this essential bag

All sewer’s best friend!

Looking for a good serger?

THE modern & smart cutting machine that everybody talks about…

…And its ultimate bundle of accessories

2021-2025 sewing planner for creative sewer

Online sewing classes

Get ready for the future of sewing, learn a new technique!

Learn to sew your own clothes

I love this sewing wooden kit

The cutest hand sewing rabbit kit 

Create your own pincushion

In love with this modern tee sewing kit

The go-to sewing project bag

A beginner friendly sewing kit

Vintage wildflowers embroidery kit ♥

Embroider transparency..

For plant lovers

A nice kit to embroider on colored fabric

For cross stitch makers

My favorite bathroom sewing pattern!

Make it simple (and speedy sewing projets)

Sew your own dress

My next project ♥

Tulip dress waits for sewing hands!

I love this paperbag culottes

If you like vintage you will love this 

Never loose notions with this handmade storage organizer

A great sewing gift to keep for life

Templates for sewing makers

A great cabinet storage for crafty sewer

Listen to and audiobook while sewing (first 30 days for free)

Enjoy a art sewing vision

The most original sewing mug I’ve ever seen


To give her/him the freedom to choose, offer a GIFT CARD :

To support small businesses

To find books, fabrics and accessories

Don’t forget the gift bag HERE!

I hope you find these great finds useful and that it may makes you discover small businesses! For my part, I already have some of these items and others that I would love to use in my creative atelier!

And you, what gifts do you want to offer to a sewer or dream of receiving?

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This post contains affiliate links.


I'm a lover of yarn and all handmade things. I hope you enjoy following along! Happy making :)


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