Becoming Tester

Creating a pattern for a new garment or accessory is a long process in addition to making it. This involves the idea, the sketch, the choice of material and the thickness of the yarn (fingering, DK, worsted, chunky ..) or fabric for sewing, the making of the swatch, the measurements and finally the making when you don’t have to undo everything and start again (sometimes several times when it doesn’t work) before finally writing a draft ready to be tested!

What is a pattern testing?

When you volunteer for a pattern and are selected you receive the  knitting / crochet / tunisian crochet pattern by email. From there you agree to:

  • Be sure to be available during the defined test period, approximately 4 to 6 weeks for a garment and 2 to 3 weeks for an accessory.
  • Make sure you have the materials and skill level.
  • Keep me posted on your progress (at least once or twice a week).
  • Check measurements, math, proofread the english version, if photos are explicites enough, and yarn quantity (in meters or yards) to make sure the pattern is correct before it is released.
  • Identify and warn me of any mistakes that may have appeared in the pattern and that can help me improve my pattern before it is published. The pattern must be knitted / crocheted entirely in order to validate the dimensions of the size tested.
  • Send me photos (good quality, in daylight, ..) of your work in progress and finished work.
  • At the time of the pattern’s release and the announcement on social networks, post a photo of the pattern worn on your public Instagram account and add the project on Ravelry to show the different versions already made. I will also provide a code that will link it before release if the tester prefers.

You must not:

  • Exagerate your skill level.
  • Ask for a size that will not suit you.
  • Altering ANY of the pattern to make it fit your body without consulting me first. This is a test, not a free pattern to do what you will.
  • Ignore me / don’t give me notes at all, or not in time.
  • Finding a mistake in the pattern and not alerting me right away and moving forward in the pattern by altering it yourself.
  • Send me a simple « all is fine ». It doesn’t help much, I’ve spent hours on this design, so please elaborate a bit.

A working group will be created on Instagram so that we can discuss the testing process together and help each other. Once the test phase is complete, the pattern will be corrected for any mistakes found and a final version will be sent to you by email. You will also be allowed to choose one pattern available in my Etsy shop.

NB: Those who will not respect the rules (doing the test and give all the notes and photos concerning it) will be permanently banned from my list of testers.

If you feel the soul of a tester you can subscribe to the mailing list by answering the questions below (or link by clicking here). You will receive an email as soon as a pattern is available for testing! Thank you for your time and your interest. See you soon!


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