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How To Make a Yarn Tassel – Tutorial

In this quick tutorial, I show you how to easily make a yarn tassel to decorate all your handmade projects!

Pretty yarn tassels bring a modern and final touch to a project. The yarn tassels made in this tutorial are part of the Adenia crochet shawl (soon) made in the wonderfully soft Phil Ecolaine wool from Phildar. They are really quick and easy to make and don’t require a lot of material.

Plus, they are adaptable to the size you want (the one made here is 4.7″/12cm long) and to the more or less fine size by adding or removing turns of thread at the first step of the tutorial. You can also have fun by varying the colors, by mixing them.

Yarn Tassel – Tutorial DIY


4.7″/12cm long

Yarn (for one tassel)

Phil Ecolaine from Phildar | Color: Gazelle. ↠ 23 yds/21 meters. (including one thread of 20″/ 50 cm and one thread of 24″/ 60 cm)


– 4.8”/12 cm cardboard sheet or size you need.

Yarn needle, Scissors, Ruler.

Tutorial Video


  1. Wrap the thread around the cardboard sheet making 80 turns in total. Cut the thread.

2. Cut a 20”/50cm thread, insert it (with or without a yarn needle) in the threads by bringing it upwards, gently remove the cardboard from the threads.


3. Tie two tight knots to secure the upper part and then cut the middle of the lower part to make the fringes.


4. Cut a 23.6”/60cm thread, place it about 0.8”/2.5cm from the top, perpendicular to the threads and make two tight knots to make the head, insert the yarn needle and wind the double thread three times around the two knots then tie a knot to fix and weave in the threads by inserting the needle into the tassel.

5. Even out the ends of the fringes using the scissors. Tie the tassel on the project with the rest of the head thread: insert the two remaining top threads into the yarn needle, then the needle into the work and through the head of the tassel twice, then tie and tuck the two threads into the tassel through the center of the head.

Now if you’d like to test out your yarn tassel making skills, check out these tutorials where you can put them to good use:

Adenia crochet shawl 

I love to see your finished projects! Use #fibreandfolk and tag me on Instagram (@FibreandFolk) to show off your yarn tassels and finished projects!

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