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Automnales Crochet Pumpkins Duo

Let Fall come into your home with this easy and free pattern – Autumnales Crochet Pumpkin Duo – to decorate and bring a rustic touch to your interior. Read through my inspiration, design process and everything on the yarn that I choose or scroll down for the free pattern.

Introducing The Classique And The Chevronnée!

The beautiful Autumn is here with these shimmering colors that we love so much, the opportunity to bring out my crochet Flowers mittens for a walk in nature which gave me the inspiration to make small decorative pumpkins. I find it so cute and fun to make!

After having crocheted the first one that I called the Classique (cream), all in single crochet, I wanted to crochet its little sister the Chevronnée (the green one) to accompany it, with its herringbones pattern. They will perfectly fit on the edge of a window, in a veranda or on a Holiday table!

Easy To Make

The Classique is the easier of the two because crocheted all in single crochet, it is perfectly suited for beginners and I recommend doing it first. The Chevronnée is also easy to do if you already know the basics of crochet and like to discover a new stitch. In addition I have added many explanatory photos to help beginner crocheters so you have no more excuses!

Yarn + Substitutions

For the Classique (cream) I used Wool-Ease Thick and Quick by Lion Brand Yarn, in oatmeal color (and barley for the stem) it is a super bulky size yarn  with 80% acrylic and 20% wool which gives a soft texture and a cozy effect. It’s a yarn I had left over from my Chaud Time knitting mittens!

For the Chevronnée (green) I used Natura XL yarn from DMC, in color 84 (spiral: 11) which is a 100% cotton yarn, size medium / worsted and offers another texture to the project that I really like.

One of my testers has used the Soft Essentials from Red Heart to make the Chevronnée.



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The Classique is worked from bottom to top in the round, then close the ends
and add the stem. The chevronnee is crocheted flat by making a rectangle with single herringbone stitches. Then for a tube, close the ends and add the spirals and the stick.


The Classique (cream) : 17cmx8cm (6.7x 3.1”) | The Chevronnée (green) : 12cmx7cm (4.7×2.7”)


-The Classique : 55m/60yds Wool-Ease Thick and Quick, Lion Brand Yarn (super bulky) | Color : oatmeal (stem: barley)
– The Chevronnée : 60m/66yds Natura XL, DMC (Medium/worsted) | Color : 84 (spiral : 11)


9 mm/M/US 13 Crochet hook (the Classique)

6.5mm/K/US 10.5 Crochet hook (the Chevronnée)

Polyester Fiberfill (apx 100g/3.5oz)


Tapestry needle

↠ a small wood stick


Gauge (10 x 10cm/4″x4″)

Not necessary for this project


st: stitch | CH: chain | slst: slip stitch | sc: single crochet | inc: increase | dec:
decrease | tog: together

Stitches Used

↠ inc : 2sc together in one sc. (3sc tog if specified)
↠ dec : 2sc stitched down in one sc.


– The Classique : To help you, place a marker in every first sc of each round.
– The Chevronnée : The CH at the end of the rows does not count as a st.



Round 1. 6sc in first CH.
Round 2. 1 inc in each st. (= 12sc)
Round 3. ( 1sc, 1 inc ) – Repeat until the end of the round (= 18sc)
Round 4. ( 2sc, 1 inc ) – Repeat until the end of the round (= 24sc)
Round 5. ( 3sc, 1 inc ) – Repeat until the end of the round (= 30sc)
Round 6. ( 4sc, 1 inc ) – Repeat until the end of the round (= 36sc)
Round 7. ( 5sc, 1 inc ) – Repeat until the end of the round (= 42sc)
Round 8 to 12. 1sc in each st (= 42sc)

Round 13. (5sc, 1 dec) – Repeat until the end of the round (= 36sc)
Round 14. (4sc, 1 dec) – Repeat until the end of the round(= 30sc)
Round 15. (3sc, 1 dec) – Repeat until the end of the round (= 24sc)
Round 16. (2sc, 1 dec) – Repeat until the end of the round (= 18sc)
Round 17. (1sc, 1 dec) – Repeat until the end of the round (= 12sc)
Round 18. 1 dec in each st. (= 6sc)

↠ Cut the yarn by leaving around 1m50 / 60”. Make a knot to close the st.
↠ With the tapestry needle, pass the thread through the last 6 stitches,
tighten (pull), Stuff the inside of the pumpkin with polyfill, then pass it
through the top center of the pumpkin and exit from the bottom in the
center of the beginning chain 2 stitches.

↠ Weave a quarter by passing the needle through the middle of the
stitches lengthwise from bottom to top, tightening and passing again the
thread inside – repeat until there are 6 quarters.
↠ Finish off, weave in ends.

I-cord stem:

Cut the brown (barley color thread by leaving 1m75/70”.
1. Make a slip knot on the crochet hook at 40cm/15” .
2. CH1

3. Pass the (from 15”) thread over the hook from front to back as a back yarn over.

4. With the other thread (the longest one) make a slst passing through the
two stitches on the hook.

↠ Repeat 3. and 4. eight more times. Finish off.

↠ Thread a yarn needle through the longest yarn and pass it through the
pumpkin to bring it out from underneath, then pass it again upwards at
the foot of the stem to block the thread in the pumpkin.
↠ Wrap the rest of the thread (from 40cm/15”) around the stem in circles
(loosely) then, with the needle of the other thread, weave locking stitches
at each gap in the quarters of the pumpkin. Tie a knot below to close.
Weave in ends.


CH 25
Row 1. 1 SC in back bump of 2nd ST from the hook. (fig 1 & 2), * insert hook in the front (furthest) left vertical bar of the sc, then in the back bump of the
next st (fig 3), yarn over, pull up a loop through the first loop on the hook, yarn
over, pull the yarn through all three loops on the hook * (fig 4) repeat from * to * until end, ch 1, turn.

Row 2. Place yarn in front of you, insert hook into first st from back to front,
yarn over, pull the yarn through the st (fig 5), yarn over, pull yarn through 2
loops on hook (as for making a back sc). * Still with the yarn in front of
you: insert hook in the back bar (furthest to the left), then in the next st (2
loops tog) from back to front (fig 6), yarn over (fig 7), pull the yarn through the st, yarn over, pull the yarn through the 3 loops on the hook * (fig 8) repeat from * to * until finished, ch 1, turn.

Row 3. 1sc, * insert hook in front (furthest) left vertical bar of sc, then in next st (2 loops tog) from front to back, yarn over, pull yarn through st, yarn over,
pull yarn through the three loops on the hook * repeat from * to * until
end, ch 1, turn.↠ Repeat rows 2 and 3 twelve more times, for a total of 24 more rows.
4. Repeat row 2.

5. Fold the rectangle in half, right sides together to join the top and
bottom. Insert hook in 1st ch from beginning and in 1st st of last row, 1 slst
(1 yarn over, pull through all loops on hook), repeat slst until end of row to
form a tube.

6. Cut the thread leaving 1.50m/60”. Tie the last st to close. Turn the tube
right side out. Thread a tapestry needle with the yarn tail. Sew the bottom
of the pumpkin closed by zigzagging the needle all the way around the
edge. Pull tight and tie off. Pass the thread up through the empty pumpkin

7.  Stuff with polyfill and close the pumpkin with the same zigzag pattern as
the bottom. Pull tight.* Pass the thread back through the middle hole on
the inside, pulling it out on the other side, pull again and tie *, so as to
flatten it a little and shape it. Repeat from * to *.

8. Weave a quarter by continuing to thread the needle through the pumpkin, tightening and knotting – repeat until you have 5 quarters.
Integrate the curly spiral (tutorial below), tie everything to fix, finish off
and weave in ends.Insert a piece of wood stick, found in nature, in the center. The
Chevronnée is done!

Curly spirale


↠ 1 inc (3sc tog), *1 inc (2sc tog)* until the end, but the last st: 1 inc (3sc tog). Finish off and weave in ends.

I love to see your finished projects! Use #fibreandfolk and tag me on Instagram (@FibreandFolk) to show off your pumpkins and have a chance to be featured.

The patterns and photographs of items on this site are the property of Fibre and Folk and are for personal, non-commercial use only. These patterns files are protected by copyright, and you may not distribute or sell them electronically or physically. If you would like to sell finished pieces made from these patterns please contact me. This post contains affiliate links.


I'm a lover of yarn and all handmade things. I hope you enjoy following along! Happy making :)


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