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Romy Crochet Socks | Slippers Pattern

A warm and easy to make socks (or slippers) : my Crochet Romy Socks free pattern is here on the blog! Discover my inspiration, design process and everything on the yarn I choose.

You can purchase the ad-free printable PDF here or scroll down to get the free pattern.

Competition Socks

Lately I had the nice surprise to see two of my creations (out of three) selected in the finalists of the Katia Designers Awards 3 competition! This is a competition organized annually by the yarn brand which I had already participated in 2017 with this pretty pair of flower fingerless mittens here. I would like to thank you all with all my heart for your support and your participation by clicking on the photos of my creations on Facebook. I did not win this time but it motivated me to go on.

My Inspiration

I dreamed for a long time to create my own socks and I wanted crochet so I got down to trying to create a beautiful pair of socks and yarn is a medium category, they can also be worn over-socks or slippers.

I simply love them madly! They are sustainable, comfy and keep my feet warm, what more could you ask for? I also like the color which looks more mustard in real life than in the photos I think where they seem yellow.

Beginner Friendly

Romy socks are crocheted in once. Starting from the top down, first the ankle, then the heel, the foot and finally the tip. They are accessible to beginners who have already made a garment or accessory and to the more advenced crocheters. I inserted photos (tutorial) to help you.

Romy socks are available in two sizes US: 5-7 and 7.5-9. On the photos I wear a size 8.

The Printable PDF Version Of The Pattern

If, like me, you prefer watching your patterns on paper instead of crocheting in front of a screen, the PDF version is made for you! This ad-free PDF is designed to be easy to print and contains all of the pattern images you find below. You can purchase the printable PDF on Etsy HERE.

The Star Stitch

Thanks to this project you will be able to learn or rediscover the star stitch at crochet with its illustrative photos and the details that I have provided. This is a stitch that I also explain to you on the Aurora snood pattern page here.

Yarn + Substitution

For this project, one skein = one sock!

I used two skeins of Merino Aran from Katia Yarns, it is a worsted category yarn (3) which ensures a solid and thick finish to keep the feet warm; with 52% merino wool and 48% acrylic and has the distinction of being superwash which makes the yarn more fluid and therefore pleasant to work with.

How to substitute this yarn?

Katia Yarns is an european (spanish based) brand, so to help you make this project I recommend the Vanna’s choice from Lion Brand Yarn which is same texture and gauge.


  • Get the ad-free, large print, printable PDF pattern HERE
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Resistant, comfy and warm socks (or slippers) to face the cold seasons. They are easy to make, starting with the upper part: ankle at star stitch that you crochet flat and then assemble the first and last row to form a tube, then comes the heel, the foot and finally a finish at the top edge.


US: 5-7 (7.5-9)


-200g /310m 7oz/340yds (2 skeins of Merino Aran, Katia Yarns, col 41) or (2 skeins of Vanna’s choice, Lion Brand Yarn)


Size H / 5mm Crochet Hook

Markers (optionnal)


Darning Needle

Gauge (10 x 10cm/4″x4″)

16sc x 13rows


st:stitch, CH: chain, slst: slip stitch, sc: single crochet, HDC: half double crochet, dec:decrease

Special Stitches

↠ decrease : single crochet 2 together ( 3 together if specified)

↠ 1st star : insert hook in 1rst st, yarn over, insert hook in 2nd st, yarn over, … repeat unto 5th st, yarn over, pull yarn through the 6 loops on the hook, CH1.(pic1 to 3)

↠ 2nd star and next : insert hook in the center of the previous star, yarn over, ins hook in last previous yarn over, yarn over, ins hook in last st of previous star, yarn over, ins hook in next st, yarn over, ins hook again in next st, yanr over, pull yarn through the 6 loops on the hook, CH1. (pic4 to 10)


-Each sock is crocheted in once.

Want some company while you crochet?

Get support and share your wips in the Fibre and Folk Facebook Group HERE.



Row 1/ CH3, make 13 stars, turn.

Row 2/ CH2, 1HDC in the center of the star, 2HDC in each center of following stars, 1HDC in 2nd CH of the CH3, turn.
→ Repeat row 1 and 2 ten(eleven) more times.

→ Repeat row 1, fold and join up and down, close with a row of HDC as row 2 to make a tube shape. (= 12(13) rows of stars (complete) = 24(26) rows in total.)

→ CH1, 32(34)sc all around, close with 1slst in CH1, turn.


Row 1/ CH1, 22(24)sc, turn.
Row 2 to 12/ CH1, sc accross, turn.
Row 13/ CH1, 8(9)sc, 1dec, 1sc, 1dec, 9(10)sc, turn. (20(22)sc)
Row 14/ CH1, sc accross, turn.
Row 15/ CH1, 7(8)sc, 1dec, 1sc, 1dec, 8(9)sc, turn. (18(20)sc)
Row 16/ CH1, 6(7)sc, 1dec, 1sc, 1dec, 7(8)sc, turn. (16(18)sc)
Row 17/ CH1 5(6)sc, 1dec, 1sc, 1dec, 6(7)sc, turn. (14(16)sc)
→ CH1, 5(6)sc, 1dec (3sc tog), turn your work inside out, fold the heel in half, close with 5(6) slst including the first 6(7) sc+CH1, turn your work on correct side.


Round 1/ CH1, 12(14)sc, 1dec (inside corner), 8sc, 1dec, 12(14)sc, 1slst in CH1, turn. (34(38)sc) (place a marker if needed).
Round 2 to round 29(31)/ CH1, sc across, turn.
Round (32)/ CH1, 6sc, 1dec x4, 6sc, 1slst, turn.
Round 30(33)/ CH1, 5sc, 1dec x4, 6sc, 1slst, turn.
Round 31(34)/ CH1, 4sc, 1dec x5, 1slst, turn.
Round 32(35)/ CH1, 3sc, 1dec x5, 1slst, turn.
Round 33(36)/ CH1, 2sc, 1dec x5, 1slst, turn.
Round 34(37)/ CH1, 3sc, 1dec, 5sc, 1dec, 3sc, 1slst.
→ Finish off by leaving 15cm/6in, tie off, turn the sock inside out, flatten up and down and sew the tip with the tapestry needle to close. Weave in ends. Turn the sock on correct side.


→ Insert hook at the base of the ankle from inside.
Round 1/ CH2, 2HDC in the center of the star, 1DB between two rows of stars across. 1slst, turn.
Round 2/ CH2, HDC across, 1slst, turn.
→ Finish off, weave in ends with the the tapestry needle.

(Optionnal) POMPOM BELTS

With the rest of the yarn make CH70, finish off. Pass the cord in the stars of the edge, add a white pompom on each end.

→ Make the second sock in the same way.

It’s time to wear your new pair of socks! Well done!

I love to see your finished projects! Use #fibreandfolk and tag me on Instagram (@FibreandFolk) to show off your stitches and have a chance to be featured.

The patterns and photographs of items on this site are the property of Fibre and Folk and are for personal, non-commercial use only. These patterns files are protected by copyright, and you may not distribute or sell them electronically or physically. If you would like to sell finished pieces made from these patterns please contact me. This post contains affiliate links.


I'm a lover of yarn and all handmade things. I hope you enjoy following along! Happy making :)


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