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Granny Crochet Throw Pattern

A classic and timeless throw – the Crochet Granny Throw – is a free pattern on the blog!

Beginners as well as advanced at crochet can easily carry out this project, because of its simplicity, the granny square is accessible and is easily personalized by alternating colors and materials.

I did not hesitate long to create my throw! My first motivation was to use / recycle the stashes of yarns from my drawer bottoms. I simply bought a pack of ten balls of cream colored acrylic yarn for the join and off we go! With my 4mm hook I embarked on this beautiful project which may seem a little long but what a joy to see its stack of squares grow, grow as you go!

Ideal as throw of bed or sofa, this pretty blanket will find its place in your cozy interior!

I am very happy with the result which makes me think of a flower garden with its country colors! And above all it warms well! A useful and pleasant creation!





Wrap yourself in this colorful and cozy throw blanket, easy to make in DC. It is an assembly of granny squares, then a lace finish. Proposed in two sizes: small and large.


-your multicolored yarn stashes or the equivalent of just under ten balls as below

Acrylic yarn sport (category 2-3) [approx 8 to 16 skeins in cream color]

G-4mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle


Beginner – Easy


Small: 135cm x 95cm / 53″x 37″ (700 gr/25oz )

Large: 202 x 142cm / 79″ x 56″(1400 gr/49oz)


Not necessary for this project.


slst: slip stitch, sc: single crochet, CH: chain, DC: double crochet,


-Ensure that all of your yarn are the same thickness (cat 2-3/4mm).

-The instructions for the large size are in parentheses.


  1. Crochet 120 (270) granny squares as following:

CH4, close in round with a slst in first CH.

Round 1: CH3, *CH2, 3DC* repeat from * to * three times, CH2, 2DC, 1slst in CH3.

Round 2: 1slst, CH5, 3DC, *DC1, 3DC, 2slst, 3DC* repeat from * to * three times, CH1, 2DC, 1slst in CH3.

Round 3: 1sltst, CH5, 3DC, *1slst, 3DC, 1slst, 3DC, 2slst, 3DC* repeat from * to * three times, 1slst, 3DC, 1slst, 2DC, 1slst in CH3.

Round 4: 1slst, CH5, 3DC, *(1slst, 3DC, CH1) twice, CH1, 3DC, CH2, 3DC* repeat from * to * three times, (CH1, 3DC) twice, CH1, 2DC, 1slst in CH3.

2. Arrange the 120 (270) granny squares in a rectangle, this way: 12 (18) in length, 10 (15) in width and assemble / join them by making slip stitches between each square (first in rows of length then in Width ).

3. Crochet a lace finish all around as follows, stitching in one stitch of a square:

Round 1: CH3, *3DC, CH1* in cream color yarn.

Round 2: Repeat round 1 but in green color yarn.

Round 3: CH3, *6DC, 1sc* in previous CH1in cream color yarn.

Weave in ends.

Bundle up in your new blanket!

The patterns and photographs of items on this site are the property of Fibre and Folk and are for personal, non-commercial use only. These patterns files are protected by copyright, and you may not distribute or sell them electronically or physically. If you would like to sell finished pieces made from these patterns please contact me. This post contains affiliate links.

And you what colors do you use to make your granny blanket?

I love seeing your finished projects! Share your work on Instagram with the hashtag #fibreandfolk  & @FibreandFolk or on Facebook!


I'm a lover of yarn and all handmade things. I hope you enjoy following along! Happy making :)


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